If you want to capture the more candid and (let's face it) entertaining moments of your party, then our photobooth is the way to go. Guests can take turns smiling, kissing, laughing or just being weird for a few moments while the booth takes 3 pictures in the private, curtained space. An operator will print as many photo strips as are needed so that everyone can go home with something to remember your special day.

Here's the technical part: The control unit is equipped with a Canon SLR camera and captures high quality images. The images are automatically formatted into strip-form and printed on archive-quality photo paper. Around 650 photo strips are printed at an average 3-hour wedding rental.

Here are a few features our photobooth service offers:

  • Unlimited printing (every person in the picture gets a copy!)
  • USB thumbdrive included with digital copies of individual pictures and in strip format as well.
  • Photo album included with a copy of every strip created at your event.
  • Option to share digital album on our Facebook page .
  • Photo props available for use.
  • Booth is wheelchair accessible.
  • An operator is always standing by to help everything run smoothly.
  • Discount available when packaged with DJ service!

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